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marina of Isola Rossa in Sardinia 

Currently the marina of Isola Rossa ensures a safe landing in the coastal strip that extends for about thirty miles between the Strait of Bonifacio and the port of Castelsardo, with about 400 berths. It is sheltered from all main winds and is located in close proximity to beaches and rocky shores with a characteristic red colour. It is the starting point for trips by sea and tours to the hinterland of Gallura. All basic services are ensured to guarantee all visitors a pleasant stay. The marina meets all the needs of lovers of sport fishing and tourist fishing, offering boat and rubber dinghy rental, boat trips, tours, diving and sailing. On the promenade you will also find all kinds of services, bars, restaurants, pubs and take-away; the joviality and cheerfulness as well as the great love of this land for traditions are also well-visible in local cuisine, based on natural ingredients and unique flavour. In the restaurants and taverns on the promenade you can enjoy dishes based on fresh fish.


The peculiarity of Isola Rossa is that it is surrounded by the sea, with seabed and beaches characterized by the most different distinguishing features, ranging from very fine white sand to typically cream-coloured more granular sand.
Harbour beach

LOCATION: Isola Rossa
MUNICIPALITY: Trinità d’Agultu
SEABED: very fine cream-coloured sand and shallow crystal clear water
POSITION: to the North, facing West
HOW TO GET THERE: The beach is located right in the village, next to the marina, and is accessed directly from the promenade. It is lapped by shallow crystal clear water, with sandy seabed interspersed with some flat rocks and beautiful reef that separate it from the Spiaggia Longa (Long Beach). At the marina you can rent boats or go hiking in the coast.
Beach of Li Feruli
LOCATION: La Scalitta - Isola Rossa
MUNICIPALITY: Trinità d’Agultu
SEABED: Medium-grained cream-coloured sand.
POSITION: to the North-West GPSN 40°59', 029 - EW 08° 51', 794 - prec. 4.5 m.
HOW TO GET THERE: From Isola Rossa drive up along the main road for about 2.5 km; at the junction you will find a sign indicating on the right the direction to LA SCALITTA. The road is narrow but paved (also recommended for a nice walk, as it offers a unique view). Follow the signs to the beach of LI FERULI. You will arrive at the car park driving on for about 50 metres along a path between the Mediterranean scrub and sandy dunes. This is the last stretch of the long beach that starts from Ciaccia, and is one of the least crowded beaches, ideal for those looking for relaxation in an intact and wild environment, surrounded by the colours and scents of the Mediterranean scrub, enjoying a beautiful panorama that includes the Asinara island, the entire coastline from Castelsardo to Isola Rossa and, on clear days, even the island of Corsica.
Beach "Longa" Isola Rossa
LOCATION: Isola Rossa
MUNICIPALITY: Trinità d’Agultu
SEABED: Very fine white sand, shallow water
POSITION: to the North, facing West GPS N 41° 00',715 - EW 08° N52',556 - prec. 4.1 m
HOW TO GET THERE: The beach is located at the southern end of Isola Rossa, extending for over a kilometre. This beach, convenient and sheltered from the wind, is suitable for families with children, for those who love games, sports and walks, and of course offers all services, including a diving centre where you can rent twin hull pleasure boats and rubber dinghies and a bar. Those who love peace instead can find fewer people moving to the southern coast, enjoying beautiful colour contrasts between the deep blue of the sea and the red of porphyry rock. Isola Rossa is named after a beautiful islet that faces it. It was founded in the 19th century as a fishing village and has preserved its picturesque aspect until the 1960s, after which it was turned into a renowned tourist resort thanks to the marina equipped for recreational boating and excursions such as tourist fishing.
Beach of Baia di Marinedda (Marinedda Bay)
LOCATION: La Marinedda
MUNICIPALITY: Trinità d’Agultu
SEABED: Very fine cream-coloured sand, water verging like emerald
POSITION: to the North, facing West
HOW TO GET THERE:?The beach is located right in the bay bordering Isola Rossa. It can be reached on foot from Isola Rossa walking along the main road at the exit of the resorts. After 180 metres on the left, you will reach the parking area, which can also be accessed from a path that passes beneath the Aragonese Tower and a nice track for a walk of about 15 minutes for those who love nature, its scents and colours.The beach is bounded to the west by the flat cliffs of the promontory of Isola Rossa and to the north it is sheltered by the rocks of Punta Li Canneddi. The broad sandy beach is framed by gentle dunes and cliffs. The ​​emerald green and crystal clear sea, with gently sloping seabed, is particularly suitable for bathing, and on windy days it attracts surfing and windsurfing lovers, hosting important international competitions. The rough and wild nature of the hinterland is interrupted by a small built-up area consisting of just a few detached houses and only one apartment hotel, LA MISUAGLIA.

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