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Isola Rossa Nord Sardinia 

Isola Rossa, which was originally a fishing village, is now a major tourist resort in the municipality of Trinià d'Agultu, in northern Sardinia. The village is located just a few steps from the Spiaggia Longa (Long Beach), characterized by very fine white sand and shallow water. The coast, characterized by the red colour of the rocks, suggests to the visitor's gaze a variety of different landscapes, ranging from the sandy shores of Isola Rossa and Baia di Marinedda (Marinedda Bay)up to the rocky area of Tinnari and Costa Paradiso (Paradise Coast), generally rich in small creeks. The two small peninsulas of Isola Rossa and Canneddi jut out into the sea, and nearly opposite the islet there is a small creek, quite sheltered, which once served as a port. Isola Rossa is the fascination of discovery, running along nature trails you will reach the beaches of Marinedda, Li Feruli and Canneddi; taking relaxing walks on the promenade, well served by all services and shops, you will come to the small square of the belvedere overlooking the sea, which at sunset offers unique scenarios. Of course, in the village there is also the opportunity to have fun with its nightlife, beach parties and bars, where you can find young people after a day spent at the beach. There are also numerous festivals and culinary events, concentrated in spring / summer months, which take place in the country churches of the area surrounded by the greenery of Isola Rossa and Trinità d’Agultu. The real added value of this village is the hospitality of the locals. .

Isola Rossa history 

Isola Rossa, whose name is derived from the islet of red stone located close to the village and which bounds its small harbour, gained autonomy in 1958. It is part of Trinità d’Agultu, a settlement with over 2,000 inhabitants in Gallura; its name is derived from the Moat Holy Trinity, after which the church is named, and from the site of "Agultu", at which it stands, we know that on there existed a village in the Middle Ages, called "Agustus" or "Agustu", which then gave that place the name that has come down to us. To the north of Isola Rossa there is a Coastal Tower (Aragonese 1590) built around 1578, about 35 m above sea level, which was part of a series of towers built for the protection of the territory and inhabited by four people, namely: the Alcade or Governor (municipal magistrate), the Gunner and the two soldiers, who had the task of guarding the landing of ships and the arrival of enemies. The traditional peasant civilization of Isola Rossa has now left way to a tourist development based on experience, on tourist services up to an increasingly demanding market and on a proven accommodation organization that make Isola Rossa an excellent starting point for those wishing to visit the Sardinian coast. The peasant tradition of the Red left now way to sustainable tourism development based on experience, on tourist services at an ever more demanding market, and a proven receptive organization that make a great Isola Rossa starting point for those wishing to visit the Sardinian coast.

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